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They said this was the future. What did they know? The truth is that the future for our kind is wrong. So dearly wrong. We tried to warn them, we tried so desperately to stop them. But they wouldn't listen, they did what they wanted. They always do, they never listen only act. They are fools.

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In the years that followed the game changed. It changed so badly that things went terribly wrong. We were once at war the Uratha and the Pure, but now... Now we have something even worse to worry about. The King Slayer saw to that. Now we just have to survive the long night. It's barely a quarter to ten.

The spirit world has been decimated. The man-apes brought back more from the moon than just rocks. And now that they live there... well things that were best left forgotten have now to be remembered. The Great Father banished things so terrible that the human tongue can't speak them. This is our story. This is our war. This is our last chance to survive. We stand against they who have fallen. We stand against they who were banished. We stand against those who know not what they did.

Team Lead: None. Currently Hiring.
Werewolf Admin: None. Currently Hiring.
Storytellers: none
Currently hiring these positions.
Player STs

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Rules & System
Theme & Setting
Joining The Sphere

Sphere Status

Application Status: CLOSED
Uratha (Forsaken) Applications: CLOSED
The Pure Applications: CLOSED
Wolf-Blood Applications: CLOSED


Uratha Application - An application for the Uratha.
Pure Application - An application for the Pure, including Predator Kings.
Wolf-Blood Application - An application for Uratha and Pure Wolf-Blood.

Please note that we will be upgrading to the GMC Release of Forsaken when it becomes available.

Over Done Concepts

Restricted Concepts

  • Predator King Pure
  • Namm-Dar Auspice Uratha
  • Cross Sphere Wolf-Bloods

Banned Concepts

  • Bale Hounds
  • Idigam Ridden Predator Kings

Character Generation Limitations

Post Character Generation Incentives


No Plots Found.


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  • Uratha: (0)
  • Pure: (0)

  • Blood Talons: ([)
  • Bone Shadows: (0)
  • Hunters In Darkness: (0)
  • Iron Masters: (0)
  • Storm Lords: (0)
  • Ghost Wolves: (0)
  • Rahu: (0)
  • Cahalith: (0)
  • Elodoth: (0)
  • Ithaeur: (0)
  • Irraka: (0)

  • Namm-Dar: (0)
  • Fire-Touched: (0)
  • Ivory Claws: (0)
  • Predator Kings: (0)

  • Wolf-Blood: (0)
State of the Sphere

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