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For some Kindred, a few centuries is but a drop in the bucket. With Earth's population multiplying exponentially, so too is the Vampire population. More Kindred walk the streets now than ever before, ever expanding their herds and feeding grounds to provide for themselves and their Childer.

With the advent of spaceflight and the evolution of Mortal technology, Kindred see a bittersweet world of opportunities before them. On one hand, they have the opportunity to control the Masquerade like never before utilizing advanced technology and by exploiting the isolation between human settlements in the System. On the other hand, the media of the Kine has made keeping oneself hidden all that much more difficult, and Hunters have a much wider array of weapons to fight the undead with.

Despite these difficulties, Kindred have pressed on and adapted. The Danse Macabre continues, and Princes dole out Domains with layers of Neo-Feudalistic precision. As the Herds grow and the blood flows thick in this Crimson Age, few Kindred pay heed to the circulating rumors about the VII and the return of the Strix. Still, the Eldest of the All Night Society warn that such arrogance was the downfall of the Camarilla, and that if their Childer are not careful, that it could be the downfall of Humanity itself.

Staff and Helpers

Sphere Lead: Cygnus

Sphere Admins: Hiring!

Staff Storytellers: Hiring!

Player Helper: 3 Open Slots!'

Rules & System
The Danse Macabre
The All Night Society

Carthian Movement
Circle of the Crone
Lancea et Sanctum
Ordo Dracul


Gauntlet Walkers
Belial's Brood
Harbingers of Skulls
Thorned Mirror
The High Chantry

Embracing the Sphere

Application Process

Past and Present Plots

The Neo-Feudal System
Kindred Demographics