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1900s (The Pursuit of Knowledge)

  • 1984 - Top secret space exploration and research begins as a joint effort within the UN. Probes are launched to numerous destinations within the Solar System. This project is codenamed 'Methuselah'.
  • 1987 - UN Probes arrive in Jovian and Saturnian space, and begin to study the planets and their respective moons.
  • 1994 - Cronos 3, the first successfully launched terraforming device, is successfully deployed on Titan. The first two attempts were sabotaged by <super seekrit antagonist here>.

2000 to 2025 (Prepare for Liftoff)

  • 2009: The Lunar Coalition is founded by celebrities and dreamers who seek to colonize the moon.
  • 2015: Plans for Apollo City are finalized by the Lunar Coalition, and rovers are designed for the purpose of creating an industrial spaceport on Luna.
  • 2016: The Cheiron Group publicly develops their first line of experimental cybernetics, dubbed the Ancestry Project. These closed trial products had limited line runs, but many of them failed, or led to uncontrollable patients and madness. (Date needs to be revised)
  • 2022: Cheiron Group Cybernetics become household items. Implants and plug-ins of all kinds are expensive, but readily available for use in various career paths.