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It is the year 2174, and technology has advanced to the point where space travel has become commonplace. The Solar System is now a place that humans exploit for resources and research, and as the population growth of humans across the system rises, it seems clear to all the world that before long, the civilization of men will be triumphant in harnessing the power of the stars. The United Nations has formed the United Space Exploration Conglomerate, or U-SEC, which patrols the system for space-related crime and enforces the laws of world government. The Lunar Coalition has been dissolved, and the corporate city-state of Apollo City on the Moon is now controlled entirely by Lunar commercial interests.

One of the greatest technological achievements of our century belongs to Obsidian Incorporated, the defense technician for U-SEC, and the multi-national aerospace contractor responsible for the invention of void mining, an asteroid mining technique. Based in Los Deimos, Obsidian's device, the Obsidian Gateway, was the first teleporter to ever be invented, and is has revolutionized the way that we travel, allowing us to colonize distant planets and travel between cities with ease.

Over time, reports of strange disappearances and malfunctions started to add up. The Gateways still worked, but once in a while, people wouldn't come out the other side. The incidents were pushed aside by statistics and media coverups funded by the exceedingly wealthy Obsidian corporation. Gateway malfunctions used to be passing news stories, no more or less common than traffic accidents. That is, until St. Petersberg disappeared.

While none could explain why the city had miraculously vanished, leaving a crater in its wake, the political ramifications were clear. No longer satisfied by the docile attitude that the United Nations had towards U-SEC, a group of countries, including Russia, China, Syria, and other Asian and Middle Eastern countries, have left the United Nations and banded together to form the Sovereign Nations of Terra. In doing so, they have sparked a cold war against the United Nations, a war felt as far away as the densely populated domes of Apollo City.

While the United Nations assures the populace that Obsidian Gateways are entirely safe, accidents continue to happen and subsequently get swept under the radar. Those who sympathize with the Sovereign agenda are thrown into jail as spies, and demonized at length on television and the radio. Still, protests and riots run rampant in the streets, especially in New Frisco, a city built from the remains of 2025 San Francisco Earthquake, which rocked the west coast.

And that's only what the humans know.

In this age of imperialism and corporate greed, humanity dances on the edge of civil war, but few humans have any idea what forces are truly at work Which side of the fight will you be on?