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Some blip about services.

For a list of PC Services please go to PC Services.

Type Service Availability
Academics Historical specialist consulting • • •
Academics Research assistance from grad students ••
Academics Translation of a dead language •••
Computer Custom phone application •••
Computer Digital image enhancement ••
Computer Graphic design/forgery ••
Crafts Antiquities restoration •••
Crafts Auto repair ••
Crafts Custom equipment modification •••
Investigation Consultation on evidence •••
Investigation Investigative photography •••
Investigation Private investigation/background check ••
Medicine Black market surgeon ••••
Medicine Expert medical witness ••••
Medicine Rush plastic surgery ••••
Occult Esoteric consultant/sage ••••
Occult Exorcist •••
Occult Protective amulets or wards ••••
Politics Campaign assistance •••
Politics Cutting red tape (Read: bribe) •••
Politics Spin doctor •••
Science Fact-checking ••
Science Falsifying research/cover up •••
Science Lab access ••
Athletics Meditative assistance •••
Athletics Personal trainer •••
Athletics Throwing an athletic competition ••••
Brawl Arrange underground boxing ring •••
Brawl Bodyguard service •••
Brawl Self-defense class
Drive Chauffeur ••
Drive Stunt performance/mock crash •••
Drive Tour bus rental ••••
Firearms Antique gun repair •••
Firearms Cover fire from gangs •••
Firearms Procuring smuggled military arms ••••
Larceny Breaking and entering •••
Larceny Security consulting •••
Larceny Stealing a protected relic ••••
Stealth Strategic distraction •••
Stealth Tailing a suspect •••
Stealth Targeted vandalism ••
Survival Field dress and preserve an animal •••
Survival Trail Guide ••
Survival Weatherproof a shelter ••
Weaponry Properly forged sword •••
Weaponry Identity wound from obscure weapon •••
Weaponry Training in archaic warfare •••
Animal Ken Buy a trained animal •••
Animal Ken Identity animal droppings ••
Animal Ken Rule out natural cause of death •••
Empathy "Good cop" interrogator •••
Empathy Neutral arbitrator •••
Empathy Therapy session ••
Expression Document forgery •••
Expression Ghostwriting ••
Expression Motivational speech •••
Intimidation Anti-interrogation training ••••
Intimidation "Bad cop" interrogator •••
Intimidation Deprogramming therapy •••
Persuasion Defense attorney •••
Persuasion Hostage negotiator ••••
Persuasion Pickup artist •••
Socialize Catering ••• or ••••
Socialize Elocution consulting •••
Socialize Escort •••
Streetwise Arrange a rave or a block party •••
Streetwise Blackmarket access ••
Streetwise Find crash space ••
Streetwise Smuggling contraband •••
Subterfuge Amateur Actor/Actress ••
Subterfuge Con artistry •••
Subterfuge Gambling ringer •••