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Welcome to Obsidian Gateway! The first part of this guide is quite simple, don't be over whelmed. It may seem like a ton of information, and quite frankly there is a lot written up in order to help players get settled but that's what this guide is here for. This guide's purpose is in order to give you a break down of the game, what places you can get what information and how to best get settled in. So, as one of the nerdiest icons on the planet says.. Geronimo!


Some blurb that will link Theme and Timeline in it.


Obsidian Gateway currently has one main area to play in. There are alternative areas that are available to certain templates.


Obsidian Gateway hosts a few options in terms of a sphere to choose from. Some may not yet be available due to being in development, here's the list of available spheres to check out:

  • Mortal: This is either your vanilla mortal with no tricks up your sleeve or a mortal that has some special abilities that fall under the 'psychic' definition.
  • Changeling:
  • Vampire: Speaking of blood sucking, that's what these guys do best and politics. Join the ranks of the Undead! Or be a furniture (Ghoul) to them.
  • Demon: This isn't the Satan Wants You kind of Demon. These are the ex-soldier of the God Machine, attempting to survive in a world where everything is designed to kill them.


We use God Machine Chronicles (GMC) rules with some modifications where it needs to be. These modifications are often called 'House Rules' which brings things in line with a MU* setting or in the cases of spheres that have not had a GMC version of their sphere released having some of their own powers/merits/etc being tailored to blend in with GMC.
There is a Chargen Guide in order to help players walk through how to set up their characters.