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Humans have always wanted to explore what they do not know. We're curious by nature, and sometimes that curiosity leads us into trouble. We're survivors, we always have been and we always will be. We were destined to reach out and touch the stars, and so we did.

Little did we know of what lurked in our own back yard, hiding in plain sight with the rest of us. Some of us have brushed into the supernatural, the majority of us remind blind to their presence. What has our attention now? Space and what's in there. While we're all fixated on the great beyond, a war for survival is going on right in our backyard, beneath our noses.

Some of us have 'mutated.' We developed things that allow us to be able to survive amongst this universe. Humans have always used animals as 'lab rats,' now it seems that we're in their shoes now, whether we realize it or not.

The Mortal world is a rich, vibrant, and powerful force within the World of Darkness. Any good shepherd knows the flock is led by example and experience. They also know that a flock, when riled, can be more vicious and contentious than any wolf. While Machines such as Corporations, Banks, and Armies run on their own with shadows and dubiousness obscuring the true power-wielders, it is the subjects in front of the throne that often can wield immense influence and power when organized. 'Properly' organized, that is...


Sphere Head: Lacerta.

Sphere Admins: None at present.

Sphere Storytellers:

No Player STs Found.

Mortal Staff and Storyteller openings are found here.


Useful Links
  • Books In Use: Books recognized and use within the Sphere.
  • Crime and Mayhem: Information and in-game resources for prospective and current members of the Crime Subsphere.
  • Derangements: Available Derangements, psychoses, neuroses, and things you only THINk Go Bump In the Night.
  • Law and Order: Information and in-game resources for prospective and current members of the Law Subsphere.
  • Professions: The Professions allowed in-game, a bit of background on each, and their Asset Skills.
  • Professional Organization A gathering place for links to in-game resources for many common professional organizations and societies.
  • Psychics: Information on P0wahz or Special Abilities and how they can be used and are used in-game.
  • House Rules & Clarifications: Caveats we follow and any home-brewed variances from the books.
  • Merits: Mortal-Specific Merits we allow in game and an explanation of each.


Cardinal Rules

  • Please be sure to have a passing familiarity with the World of Darkness Core rules and the God Machine Chronicle update(s). Owning the books is preferred, but they are available online for purchase. Several World of Darkness Wiki pages also have relevant content, including White Wolf's official Wikia Database. Please feel free to contact Lacerta or a member of Mortal Staff if you need assistance.
  • Hunter is it’s own Sphere. If you’re interested in applying in as a Hunter, please go here for more information.
  • Sleepwalkers, Beastkin, Indebted, Sorcerers, Wolfblooded, Fae-Touched, Ghouls and other non-strictly-mortal Concepts are handled by the appropriate Sphere Staff.
  • Players wishing to apply in for an IC Becoming of any sort should apply as a Mortal. Note that the appropriate Sphere TL will need to be included on the Chargen job for approval. This may delay your application process a bit.
  • Use your imagination! Honestly, the Mortal Sphere is damned awesomesauce because there's little in the ways of Edicts, Rules, or Traditions to follow save those your PC chooses. Even mundane law and order is malleable, with a similarly flexible morality.

The System

  • All Applications start in Character Generation (Chargen).' Chargen on Obsidian Gateway is almost entirely automated. Go through as far as you are able and allocate your dots as you wish to suit the Concept for a PC.
    • If you need help, please feel free to page a member of Mortal Staff or ask on the ‘’’<Newbie>’’’ Channel.
      • (‘’+help comhelp’’) will show you more information on the Communication/Channel System and its syntax, use, and commands.
  • A +Job Will Automatically Be Created for You. This job will be your communication tool through the approval process.
    • You can add to a job by typing +myjob/add job#=<text>.
    • You can add line breaks by typing %r and a 'tab' indent by typing %t.
  • You will need +notes for Retainers, Contacts, Influence, etc. Please set these on yourself for approval by Staff.
  • All XP spends, whether prior or after Approval, will be done in the XP Room. Please proceed there after exiting CG to spend your freebie points.
  • If you took the Professional Training Merit, you get some nifty little bits free. These will be done in our automated Character Generation, but I include them here for reference when compiling numbers for your initial +sheet..
    • PCs receive two free specialties in your asset skills at Professional Training 3.
    • If you have Professional Training 3 or above you get to pick a third asset skill. Please choose something that you would use while practicing your profession.
    • Choose two Professional Contacts at level 1. Again, these should be groups of people you've met in your professional life.
    • At Professional Training 4, you gain one free dot in an Asset Skill. XP discounts and penalties for levels 3 and 4 will be honored in CG.
Character Background

A PC's background is essential as it's the story of who and what they 'ARE' at their core and to the outside world. We love reading stories, but we also understand that a lot of people wish to do a bare-bones background and leave some bits open for connecting BGs with other PCs down the line and/or plot hooks for future use by Staff or Player Storytellers. Therefore, the format you use (bullet list, essay, combination of both or other format entirely) is up to you, the player. However, all good Backgrounds should give a feel for the PC, as well as their personal/professional life and past experiences. It should answer questions like:

  • What's your name? Age? Where were you born? Did your family travel or stay put?
  • What was your life like growing up? What was your family like? Any siblings?
  • Where did you live? What was home life like? What's your relationships with family members like?
  • How did you perform in school? How did the others see you? Any cliques or stereotypes?
  • What profession did you end up in? Why? What are your talents?
  • What are your views on the other groups of people?
  • What are your views on the Unknown? Are you a believer, or someone more rational?
  • Do you have many friends? Who are they? Why do they hang out with you?
  • Do you have any enemies? Why do they hate you?
  • Where do you live now? If you're not a native, what brought you here? How long ago? How do you travel from one place to another?
  • What to you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?
  • Do you have any personality flaws? Neuroses? Psychoses? How and why did they develop? How do they manifest?

This is by NO means an exhaustive list. Again -- use your imagination!


Concept Restriction


  • Know-it-alls. The Experts in Everything. We've engineered the game's settings, theme, antagonists, and plot lines to reflect avaried mix of starting-level and slightly more powerful characters. Please do not expect to come into the game as a starting-level PC knowing everything about everything.
  • One-Hit Wonders. You know, the combat-monsters. The Nobel Laureates who're completely socially inept. Scientists tend to be pretty eclectic in their knowledge and interests. Soldiers are more than killing machines; they're technicians, artists, wordsmiths et cetera. Blue-collar grunts have families and friends as well as a Big Stick With a Nail In. While we DO need Schock and Awe, the number of them are limited and going to be scrutinized for well-rounded utility. I encourage you to have a diverse, quirky, above all else FUN PC for you to play; being well-rounded and with a touch of realism will aid this greatly and ultimately prove more fun for you than being pigeon-holed.

Limited Openings

  • Law (Police, Firefighters, EMTs, Lawyers, Judges, et cetera) are on limited openings. Please see the Law Subsphere for more information.
  • Academics affiliated with Universities (professors, adjuncts, lecturers) are limited in number. Please see the Professional Subsphere for more information.

Needs Prior Approval

  • Active Duty military PCs may not begin play with a rank exceeding O-7. Justification will be requested for O(fficer) Ranks.
  • Active Duty Law PCs (police, firefighters, EMTs, et al) must have Rank thoroughly justified in their Background (BG). The higher the Rank, the more justification I'll ask for. Eg: A Police Captain will need age, experience, and eucation to assume the role.
  • Professors, Medical Professionals, Attorneys, and other IC 'jobs' must meet education requirements ICly. Eg: A Professor of Astronomy needs Academics and Science, as well as Specialties in Mathematics and Physics.

Restricted From Use At All

  • No Player Characters (PCs) under the age of 18 or appearing/acting as minors are permitted. This is an iron-clad rule. PCs found to be RPing as minors will be taken out of play immediately. Please contact Staff should your PC have IC children that need to be spoofed for purposes of IC continuity and RP. We will guide you.
  • For legal reasons, Obsidian Gateway does not permit PCs who are active members of national governmental agencies (foreign and domestic). Contacts, Allies, and Influence with these organizations may be bought in-game and they may certainly be in your PC's background, but active registration as say an NSA, FBI, CIA, DEA, SS or similar is prohibited. This includes domestic (United States) and foreign organizations (MI-6, Mossad, et al).
  • The Absolutely Infeasible. I’m tickled pink you want to play a hardened, cynical tough-as-nails Medical Examiner. But your PC will need to be at least in their middle 30s to do this. Firefights, soldiers, police, etc have education requirements and other stat requirements to be feasible in-game. Please keep things as authentic as possible in a world filled with Vampires, Werewolves, Psychics, and Changelings.

Stat Restrictions

Needs Prior Approval

  • Any starting-level PC with more than one Attribute or Ability at 5 will be heavily scrutinized and asked for extreme justification. Savants are one thing, but one seldom finds an Olympian multimedalist with a Nobel Prize for Medicine.
  • Starting characters with professional or Underworld/Law Status above 2. Status 3 and 4 will be allowed, but need heavy justification.

Restricted From Use At All

  • ANY Status 5 PCs. The maximum Status allowed to app in is 4 (and as above, these will be heavily justified). Status 5 MUST be gained in-game.

  • Corporate: (0)
  • Crime: (11)
  • Law: (7)
  • Medical: (2)
  • Mortal: (6)
  • Psychic: (0)
  • University: (2)

This list may be updated frequently with new categories as they develop their own tags.

Active Plots
  • No Plots Found.