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If a man can bridge the gap between life and death,if he can live after he's died, then maybe he was a great man.

Immortality is the only true success.


Sphere Lead: Sirius

Sphere Admins:


Rules & System
Theme & Setting

 Immortals have been around for..ever really. Some for millennia, some for centuries. Some are just starting out in their long life. Some are just being born into it. The common goal is that now man has grown far beyond their years. The God Machine is a real thing. A very terrible thing to some. Some of the Immortals have joined with companies to work against..others have joined forces to work with the God Machine. Then there’s those that are stuck in the middle. The one thing to remember..Immortality has its price. Sometimes it has to be paid more than once.

 The Immortal sphere is set in the same time period as Obsidian Gateway. But, with Immortals they can be from hundreds of years ago, or Reborn from thousands of years ago. So there's going to be some people that don't always get the current times. This isn't a problem! The Immortals are an eclectic and eccentric group with lots of room for diversity and story lines. We encourage this.

Joining The Sphere

Application Process

  • Disclaimer - We encourage everyone to read the Immortal book in its entirety. If not the whole of the book at least read all of the template that you are applying for.
  • Cracking The Vault - Solitarius gains a good deal of knowledge that causes quite a stir for The Black Veil and The Praetorian Vanguard. There will be an attempted break in on the Vault. Members of both groups are encouraged to find information on this disturbance.
  • Key Entity - A collection of Spirits and Ghosts stories and adventures for the sphere to investigate and participate in.
Player STs
  • None at the moment. Contact Sirius if interested!



Blood Bathers