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The Hunter Sphere is open to new applications for PCs, Storytellers, and even an Admin. This page contains links to the processes, rules, and systems we use on Obsidian Gateway. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lacerta or amember of Head Staff in-game for assistance.

Sphere Caveats

All players in the Hunter Sphere on Obsidian Gateway should implicitly understand the following things, as it's the philosophy behind our Sphere:

1. Hunters are, by definition, Antagonists. They can and perhaps will run a high level of personal, professional, and social risk in their hunting. Things That Go Bump In The Night seldom take kindly to seeing crosshairs on their chests, be those crosshairs metaphoric or literal. Keep this in mind, and I cannot stress it enough, being a Hunter is by nature dangerous.

2.a. Hunters are by and large cliquish. Explaining to your Sector of Bureau or Chantry Head why your BFF Fluffy the Vampire is a Niiiice Vampire will likely result in punitive action. Lone Wolf McQuaids and Special Little Snowflakes tend to get ground up and spit out in a can of Soylent Green pretty quickly. Survival means working together. Success means putting aside personal difference and petty rivalries (at least in public) to focus on the Vigil. There's very, very seldom convention centers rented out and buffets, but chances are high your Cell, Compact, or Conspiracy are depending on you for something. Act like it.

2.b. Repeat: Hunters are by and large cliquish. Be prepared for some issues if your TFV Grunt decides to go have coffee and chat about killing Vampires with the Cheiron Group accountant. Barring 'official' meetings and the like, it's highly unlikely your PC will be encouraged ICly to fraternize openly with other Compacts/Conspiracies. Does This mean Bob and Betty Lou can't elope to New Vegas? Absolutely not. It just means Bob and Betty Lou will raise eyebrows within their respective organizations... Cheiron Group will be monitoring for Corporate Espionage, and the Ashwood Abbey may find it 'glamorous' that Betty Lou's husband is Corporate Officer for the largest conglomeration of Deviant Hunters this side of Mars.

3. You ARE Being Watched. Paranoia, superstition, jealousy, rivalry and dogmatic zealotry are common thematic elements to the Hunter System. Your Compact is watching. Your superiors are making sure the Watchers are Watched. Someone, somewhere, is writing down your mistakes. Or at least what THEY think they are. TFV has monthly armory checks. Cheiron Group has Board meetings. Different Compacts and Conspiracies use technology, magic, and good old fashioned detective work to keep tabs on their operatives.

4. ICA = ICC. In Character Actions equal In Character Consequences. If Sparky the Wonderwolf is dissected for science, Cheiron Group can expect a certain level of retaliation. Similar, if Joe Gungho outs TFV to the Vampire he's in loooove with, then his psyche evals will show something amiss, his polygraph will show something amiss, and Joe can expect to have a pretty stern briefing with his Colonel.

(That being said -- if things start to get OOCly ooky and you as a player are paged, @mailed, or spammed by what you consider an IC/OOC crossover? I will be your best friend in the calm, polite discussion to get things straightened out. In 1997 on a now-defunct MUSH, my Mage turned my RL best friend's Vampire into a lawn chair and set fire to him. Snap-crackle-pop-crispy-Seneschal! We went out for a beer afterwards. It's a -game-. We're all here to have fun. Storytelling is not a game to be 'won.' If it starts being more of a vocation than avocation, talk to Lacerta or HeadStaff. We WILL do all in our power to make sure things are kept IC.

5. COMMUNICATE. Staff is very involved in your PC and IC and want to know about it. This helps us run Plots, respond to @mail and +jobs, work with you and keep things flowing for your enjoyment of the game. You will not simply be left out alone to flounder and figure out how to get some Hunter RP. There will be meetings, plots, and organization IC -- this is our promise to you, the player. We're not going to sit on our duffs -- and we hope you'll not ever, EVER have to say 'I wish there was something going on.' Because chances are there will be, within the next twenty-four hours.

If you'd like clarification on any of these point sor have questions about them, please feel free to contact Lacerta or Headstaff via +request or page in-game.

Useful Links
  • Books In Use: Books recognized and use within the Sphere.
  • Compacts & Conspiracies: The Compacts and Conspiracies allowed in-game and a bit of background on each.
  • Endowments: Information on P0wahz or Special Requisitions and how they can be used and are used in-game.
  • House Rules & Clarifications: Caveats we follow and any home-brewed variances from the books.
  • Merits: Hunter-Specific Merits we allow in game and an explanation of each.

Sphere Lead: Lacerta.

Sphere Admins: None at present.

Storytellers: No Player STs Found.

Hunter Staff and Storyteller openings are found here.

Application Job

When you finish Character Generation (Chargen), a +job will be created for you and it will have a number. Please type +help +request for information on +job syntax, commands, and miscellany.

Staff WILL review your +job within 36 hours. This is my promise to our players -- we will at LEAST add something noting we're looking at it and have some questions or need help/approval of other Staff who might be affected by your PC. You will NOT sit there in the dark for a week waiting for simple approval. Approval is a pretty simple process that CAN take some time. If we ask a lot of questions or seem nitpicky? It's because we want your PC to be iron-clad, stone-cold set for IC and RP. We're trying to avoid possible issues down the road, not stymie your creativity.

  • No Plots Found.
  • Aegis Kai Doru: (0)
  • Ashwood Abbey: (0)
  • Barrett Commission: (0)
  • Cheiron Group: (0)
  • Lucifuge: (0)
  • Maiden's Blood Sisterhood: (0)
  • Malleus Maleficarum: (0)
  • Network Z3r0: (0)
  • Null Mysteriis: (0)
  • The Union: (0)
  • Task Force: VALKYRIE: (0)

Concept Restriction


  • Know-it-alls. The Experts in Everything. We've engineered the game's settings, theme, antagonists, and plot lines to reflect avaried mix of starting-level and slightly more powerful characters. Please do not expect to come into the game as a starting-level PC knowing everything about everything.
  • One-Hit Wonders. You know, the combat-monsters. The Nobel Laureates who're completely socially inept. Scientists tend to be pretty eclectic in their knowledge and interests. Soldiers are more than killing machines; they're technicians, artists, wordsmiths et cetera. Blue-collar grunts have families and friends as well as a Big Stick With a Nail In. While we DO need Schock and Awe, the number of them are limited and going to be scrutinized for well-rounded utility. I encourage you to have a diverse, quirky, above all else FUN PC for you to play; being well-rounded and with a touch of realism will aid this greatly and ultimately prove more fun for you than being pigeon-holed.
  • Super Wannabes. I'm glad you like RPing with the Vampires or the Demons. I -encourage- it. But what's going to -happen- when your Lucifuge grunt starts showing signs of Infernalism is that someone's going to notice. When Joe Gungho starts growing fangs and hair and his regularly-scheduled biometrics scans show irregularities in his physiology? He's going to be in a silver-walled cell pretty quickly. With rare and few exceptions, Hunter organizations don't simply issue the proverbial Burn Notice and leave one alone -- they're too valuable, know too much, and are perhaps walking around with Corporation property.

Needs Prior Approval

Restricted From Use At All

  • Slashers. These will be strictly handled by Staff. If a PC through RP and IC developments becomes a Slasher, the player and Staff will write the end of the character out ICly and it may or may not be RPed after agreement on the outcome.
  • The Absolutely Infeasible. Say your Concept for a Union Hunter wants to be a hardened, cynical tough-as-nails Medical Examiner. That won't be feasible until they're riiiight at their thirtieth year. Reason is? Undergrad's 4-5 years -- makes you 22-23. Medical School is 4 years. Makes you 26-27. Residency is three years MINIMUM (29-30). Specialties such as surgery is a six-year residency. Cop? Detective? Welcome to being in your mid twenties and having at least a four-year degree. Ditto firefighter. I'm not saying you need to have Rl experience as whatever your PC is, but please try to keep some sense of realism in your World of Darkness, please.

Stat Restrictions

Needs Prior Approval

  • Any starting-level PC with more than one Attribute or Ability at 5 will be heavily scrutinized and asked for extreme justification. Savants are one thing, but one seldom finds an Olympian multimedalist with a Nobel Prize for Medicine.
  • Starting characters with Conspiracy/Compact Status above 2. Status 3 and 4 will be allowed, but need heavy justification.

Restricted From Use At All

  • Any 'cross-Sphere' sorts. Id est: No Reborn Thaumaturge Eternals or similar. No Beastkin Psychics nor Sleepwalker Union members nor Lucifuge Ghouls.
  • ANY Compact/Conspiracy Status 5 PCs. The maximum Status allowed to app in is 4 (and as above, these will be heavily justified). Status 5 MUST be gained in-game.