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 Funny. It was the first word that came to mind as I looked out at the fifteen or so cars parked nose-to-end at the green-colored curb marked 'Loading Only - 30 Minute Maximum'. Mine was the red one, not the fancy sportscar or the massive lifted truck, but the unassuming, ignorable, little Toyota. But, waving slightly in the breeze beneath a windshield wiper was a parking ticket--The onlywiper blade holding a ticket, mind you. I faked a frown, pretending I was dismayed by the apparent unfairness in the system, though I knew better. It was the Machine, see. They didn't have any real evidence, and after two failed attempts at figuring out what I was, they were getting more creative. So, they pressed buttons. They toyed, and tried to get a rise out of me. It's how it thinks, after all. Numbers and variables processed and collated to quantify purpose and motivations, while looking for anything out of place. Others called it the 'God Machine', but I never liked that. It seemed pretty pessimistic to call our enemy a God.

 After all... How do we kill a God?

   -Ruby, Manifeste collectif de la Fraternité déchu.


Sphere Lead: Andromeda

Sphere Admins: Awaiting Applicant

Storytellers: Awaiting Applicant

Rules & System
Theme & Setting

 An eternity of service has lead you to this moment, broken, disrupted, hobbled and wounded. You are an Angel no more. Behind you, a life of dutiful programmed service and scheming, and before you the empty dark of loneliness as Number One on your enemy's most wanted list. Hunted. Pursued. Attacked. You live your life off the radar and behind enemy lines and all because, frankly, it's all his territory. No haven to call home, and no sanctuary, you have elected for the empty shell of Humanity and have come so close, falling at it's altar and receiving none of it. Sure, you look human, but where they possess a soul you have only the elaborate engine of creation running on fumes.

 And if we're doomed, well, we may as well break something.

Joining The Sphere

Application Process

Important Note: There are no becomings for the Demon Sphere. You were an Angel before, you are a Demon now. No exceptions.

  • Manifesto - A strange file has been found populating randomly across the digital spheres uncontrollably.
  • Purgatory - After widespread panic resulting from a massive digital security threat, stories have appeared regarding a Haven for Hackers.
Player STs
  • <Awaiting Applicant>
  • <Awaiting Applicant>
  • <Awaiting Applicant>