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Mankind has ultimately two settings: Evil and Good. No matter how many times you break that down into various categories, it simply comes down to that. Some folks are a little bit of both, some are just one or the other.

Same as there's different times of people, there's different times of criminals. Everyone has their own motivations from wanting to get rich quick or thinking themselves as a modern day Robin Hood.

No matter the reason or motivations, bottom line is that this group is criminals. Criminals ranging from a nerdy kid behind a computer screen hacking the Obsidian Incorporation or a gangster with his pants down below his knees walking the rugged streets of New Frisco.


Sphere Lead: Hydra (Temp)

Sphere Admins:

We are hiring!


We are hiring!

Joining The Sphere

So, you want to play a criminal? There's two ways to go about it. You can either sign up in CG or on the grid. There are a few things that we need information wise when you decide you want to join.

  • Crime Groups: Are you part of any existing Crime Group or interested in one?
  • Criminal Record: Do you have a criminal record?
  • Criminal Status: What status do you feel is appropriate for your character? Note: that higher status requires some time in order to work up the ranks and gain the RP backing.

Hang Outs
Player STs


Crime Players has a list of players per category with a blip about each one.