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"So give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light. 'Cause oh that gave me such a fright but I will hold as long as you like. Just promise me we'll be alright."

Yet we are never alright. We were taken from the very lives that we were suppose to live. We were suppose to be happy, we were suppose to live our lives as normal human beings whether it was to settle down with a family or to be a spinster alone for the rest of our lives.

We were taken from the very thing we called 'home' and dragged into a realm that should not exist. We were turned into creatures of legends and our minds, our souls, our bodies shredded and torn for the amusement of Them. We were prisoners, slaves, warriors, play toys but we escaped, at least some of us.

This nightmare isn't over, they continue to attempt to drag us back to them and those that serve them do so with the same faces that we ourselves wear. We thought we were safe when the humans colonized the Moon, a place where the Gentry can not get to us and it would be harder for their servants to do so.

How wrong we were with that. When we got there, there were gates already formed leading into the Hedge and reports of disappearances. They came, they managed to find a way to continue to spread their territory and not only did they come, they became stronger, new breeds of Gentry unlike any seen before. No where is safe, and now the war has begun to grow even more desperate. It's not just Them that we face now.


Sphere Lead: Hydra (Temp)

Sphere Admins:


Rules & System

Theme & Setting
Joining The Sphere
The Changeling Sphere is currently CLOSED.

Please read over the Application Process prior to going through Chargen (CG).


Active Plots in the Changeling Sphere.

Player STs

The following are a list of Player STs that are willing to run PRPs.

Market STs

This is a list of Player Market STs. These are the individuals that are allowed to run Market Scenes. Please do not run one unless you have been approved to be a Market ST. To become one, +request Market ST.


The following is things that we are looking for to be done in the Changeling Sphere. Kharma is offered to these projects, please inquire with Changeling Staff for how much kharma is granted per project:

  • Hedgespinning Guide
  • Pledge Crafting Guide
  • Local Gentries
  • Icons for the Directional Courts
  • HR Sun & Moon Court Contracts
Players By Court

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Players By Seeming

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Other Changeling Templates

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Enchanted Mortal
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