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We are currently in the rebuilding stages of tweaking the game. If you're interested in helping, feel free to log on to speak to a member of staff.

About Obsidian Gateway

Obsidian Gateway MUSH is a free to play text-based RPG using the TinyMUX codebase. We use the World of Darkness Storytelling System, published by White Wolf and Onyx Path, with the God Machine Chronicle updates (nWoD w/GMC). Our Cyberpunk-themed setting is based in the near future of 2025, where Multi-Planetary Corporations and Government forces battle for control over the Solar System. This alternate timeline of our own world spans a slightly alternative city of San Francisco CA and multiple dimensional planes, such as the Hedge, the Underworld, and the Shadow.

While 'In Character', Players have the option of playing as various Supernatural creatures, such as Vampires, Changelings, and Demons with expansion in the future of others. On our extensive grid, Roleplay is enforced while In Character (IC), but we also have many Out of Character (OOC) areas where Players can socialize with the rest of the game's community. We look forward to seeing you on Obsidian Gateway, so get IC today!

How To Connect

  • Address:
  • Port: 8000


The amount of spheres that will be opening for beta is limited. If you have a interest in seeing one of these spheres be open for beta please log on and make your opinion known!

Status: CLOSED
Changeling: The Lost
Status: CLOSED
Vampire: The Requiem
Status: CLOSED
Demon: The Descent
Status: CLOSED

Opening Later

The following Spheres are projected to be opened at a later time.
Geist: The Sin Eaters
Status: CLOSED
Hunter: The Vigil
Status: CLOSED
Status: CLOSED
Werewolf: The Forsaken
Status: CLOSED
Mage: The Awakening
Status: CLOSED
Promethean: The Created
Status: CLOSED


Status: CLOSED
Status: CLOSED
Status: CLOSED

Theme & Setting


  • Newbie Guide: This is a great resource for new players to get the feel for the game.
  • Chargen Guide: A walk through of how to go through chargen.
  • GMC Covnersion: A guide that helps those with the conversion to GMC.



OOC Resources

  • Icons: Images for spheres.
  • Channels: List of all the channels on the game.
  • Characters: Characters on the game.
  • Played-By: Actors/Models used by characters.
  • Staff: List of active staff members.
  • Hiring Staff: We are looking for staff! Interested?